Ceasing Trading

Dear Clients,

It is with regret I must inform you that CloudFrost Hosting has officially ceased trading for all services permanently on 1 November 2015.

For over two and a half years, I have been honored to represent CloudFrost Hosting as one of the most revered and trusted companies for quality game server hosting. Throughout its operation, CloudFrost Hosting has hosted for over 3,300 users, entrusting 4,000 shared servers, for a total maximum of over 0.78 terabytes of memory and 48 terabytes of storage.

These statistics offer me great pride in the fact that CloudFrost Hosting was able to offer a reliable and trusted hosting service for so many people. Unfortunately, at this time, CloudFrost Hosting must come to an end. I am moving forward onto bigger, and even greater things (likely including entrepreneurial endeavors!) that I cannot wait to share with you in the future.

Though for now, CloudFrost Hosting will rest here. I must thank every client of CloudFrost Hosting; you have made this endeavor possible, and this grand experience will lead me unto another.


Ivo T.

CloudFrost Hosting Founder & Owner